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  • They call it fall...

    They call it fall...

    New Outfit Post from Positano
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    Dear Dudes, During my stay in Positano last weekend I had the chance to wear my blazer in Wool-Cashmere Caccioppoli fabric, Unlined, 3-rolled-2, featuring 11cm-wide Lapel, two non-kissing sleeve buttons and deep side Vents (26 cm). At my wrist, Viola Milano bracelets. Thanks to the spring-like weather, I chose to wear my comfortable Louis Sable Loafers by Superglamourous.

    Dear Dudes, Durante il mio breve soggiorno a Positano il weekend scorso, ho indossato il mio blazer in tessuto Caccioppoli lana-cashmere, sfoderato, 3 puntato a 2, con revers largo 11 cm, due bottoni funzionali e distanziati sulle maniche e spacchi laterali profondi 26 cm. Al polso, bracciali Viola Milano. Grazie alle temperature primaverili, ho potuto indossare le mie comode Louis in color sabbia, di Superglamourous. 

    Salvio D'angelo Blazer // Vintage Denim Shirt // Tailored Levi's Jeans // Louis Superglamourous loafers 
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       Bespoke Hugs,
    A Conversation with... Francesco Maglia
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