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    Don't call it #FashionBlog

    The Bespoke Dudes is the young voice of Italian bespoke tailoring and craftsmanship. The blog was founded in 2012 by Fabio Attanasio, magazine contributor for Italian and foreign magazines, such as GQ Italy, Fashion Illustrated, Arbiter, Vedomosti and RBC Daily. Fabio was born in Napoli, the cradle of men's tailoring and graduated from Bocconi Law School in Milan. During the college years, he spent hours in the workshops along with tailors from all over the country, moved by an earnest passion for the industry. In 2012 he decided to follow his passion and launched his blog to be informed and inform his readers about this art. He would visit sartorie in the biggest Italian cities in order to learn the differences among the Milanese jacket, the Neapolitan or the Florentine and so on.

    Today The Bespoke Dudes has become a reference point on the web for tens of thousands of readers from all over the world who read his articles to discover new tailors and artisans.  

    In March 2015 a new project comes to light. It's The Bespoke Dudes Eyeweara collection of glasses and sunglasses, selected by Fabio and hand-made in Italy by skilled artisans. 

    In February 2014 he was invited to tell his story to the students of a high school in Sulmona, Abruzzo. In October 2014 he was invited by Bocconi University to hold a conference about the bespoke tailoring industry. Following this, in January 2015 he held a conference in Lecce, Apulia, with the support of the Apulia Region, on the comparison among different tailoring schools. In May 2015 he was invited by Professor Erica Corbellini to speak at MAFED, a Bocconi Master in Fashion, Experience & Design Management. Finally, Mr Carlo Annese, Deputy Editor at GQ Italia, interviewed Fabio during a conference held at Vitale Barberis Canonico showroom in Milan, in the premises of A. Caraceni tailoring house. On the 8th of March 2016 he held a conference at Bocconi University on the topic "Tradition, the foundation of the innovation", along with Prof. Salvo Testa and Cav. Luciano Cimmino, founder of the brands Yamamay and Carpisa. 



    Bespoke hugs,