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  • Catching up with Eduardo De Simone

    Catching up with Eduardo De Simone

    During my Neapolitan trip of some weeks ago, I stopped by the workshop of Eduardo DeSimone, in Via Cupa Principe, Napoli. Eduardo is a gentleman with a true passion for bespoke tailoring, who hired highly skilled artisans in his bottega, to keep the art of bespoke tailoring alive. The reason of my visit was the first fitting of a three-piece cashmere suit by Vitale Barberis Canonico and a coat in Shetland fabric by Moon.

    I chose a double-breasted vest with oblique buttoning and shawl collar. As for the jacket, the expert hands of Eduardo’s tailors will realize a “closed” armhole (opposite to “manica camicia”) with rollino and concave shoulder without padding, also known as “natural concave shoulder”. Trousers will have only one pleat on the front and a 4cm-high waistband with side buttoning. For further details, I will soon upload photos of the final suit.


    Fixing the collar - Aggiustando l' "accollatura"

    Bespoke Hugs,

    Ph. credits: Diego Loffredo

    Dude Reviewed - Gieves & Hawkes
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