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    Details of the shirt: hand-cut and hand-made by Santillo 1970. Denim fabric from Albini. Collar and cuffs feature a stone-washed effect. Wooden buttons with red stitching. Hand-felled armhole, buttons and mouche. Available HERE   
    Details of the trousers: Gabardine fabric from Caccioppoli; waistband of 4,5 cm; double side-buttoning; 5cm cuffs; one pleat  
    Cappellificio Biellese Panama Hat // The Bespoke Dudes by Kador 1962 glasses (available HERE) // Santillo Shirt (available HERE) and Jacket // Fabio Sodano trousers // Ducky Hand-Made Hanky // Bow-Tie Madrid shoes 

    Dettagli dei pantaloni: tessuto Gabardine di Caccioppoli; cinturino di 4,5 cm; doppia abbottonatura laterale; risvolto di 5cm; una pince verso l'esterno
    Panama del Cappellificio Biellese // Occhiali da sole The Bespoke Dudes by Kador 1962 (available HERE) // Pantaloni di Fabio Sodano // Mocassini Bow-Tie // Pochette Ducky Hand-Made

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       Bespoke Hugs,

        Credits: Edoardo Moruzzi

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