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    “My goal is to offer an original product of utmost quality” says Leonardo Camerini, founder of the new-born Collezione Mosaico, an exclusive line of crocodile leather accessories, completely made in Italy.  Born in 1988, upon graduation from Bocconi University, he works as a company advisor, but in the attic he keeps the first sketches of his products; these drawings took shape thanks to artisans specialized in transforming leathers such as Crocodylus Niloticus and Alligator Mississippiensis. Opaque, semi-shiny e “millennium”, these are the available options so far; the latter is the most refined one, featuring a leather as smooth as a mirror, without natural flaws nor deep veins.  

    “The symmetry of the scales of these animals reminds me of the mosaics, hence the name of my collection” – says Leonardo, who embellishes the natural beauty of these skins with silver chains, functional handles or specific zip, everything conceived by him with just his pencil as a tool. A mosaic found among the ruins of an ancient Roman Villa in Verona has inspired him; it pictured an alligator, which is as unique as the mosaic itself, since every tile is different from the other, just like the scales of the reptile. A charming order inside the infinite diversity of nature.

    The exclusivity of these products is guaranteed also by the craftsmanship behind them: they all come from just one piece of leather - the belly of the reptile - and the individual hand-painting gives depth to the shades of colours available. Not only Collezione Mosaico comprises ready-made products, but also offers a customized service, both online and in the showroom of Verona, where Leonardo welcomes his clients to conceive and study together the desired product. Five are the available models fro men and five for women so far: purses, cardholders and wallets are all hand-made by artisans from the north of Italy. The quality is the same of the luxury brands, but the price is way lower: this is the added value of Collezione Mosaico, addressing a tasteful clientele looking for unique products, which are not distinguished by a logo, but by a quality and a customization rate that are second to nothing and make these pieces timeless.

    Bespoke hugs,

    Bespoke Hugs,

    Ph: Enrico Magri

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