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  • Cashmere three-piece Suit

    Cashmere three-piece Suit

    Details of the jacket: Bespoke suit by Edesim Napoli from Vitale Barberis Canonico light cashmere fabric, 11,5 cm lapel, no shoulder padding, rollino armhole, jetted pockets and ticket pocket, deep side vents; 6x3 double-breasted vest
    Details of the trousers: one reverse pleat, American pockets, 5 cm cuffs

    Tie by Francesco Marino // TBD Eyewear Sunglasses (Pleat Model)

    Double-breasted vest
    Pleat an trousers pocket 
    Deep side vents and longer first dart 
    Tie by Francesco Marino // TBD Eyewear Sunglasses (Pleat Model)

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       Bespoke Hugs,

       Photo Credits: Diego Loffredo

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