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  • Who said denim is not chic?

    Who said denim is not chic?

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    Fabio Attanasio for Santillo shirt // Fabio Sodano Bespoke Trousers // // Allen Edmonds shoes // GENTL bowtie // Red Sox Appeal socks // // Cartier monogrammed cufflinks  // E. Marinella suspenders // // Banana Republic iPad case

    Pre-order this hand-made shirt HERE -> http://jo.my/wowcracy_slowtailoring
    La camicia fatta a mano può essere preordinata QUI -> http://jo.my/wowcracy_slowtailoring

    Fabio Attanasio for Santillo shirt // Fabio Sodano Bespoke Trousers // // Allen Edmonds shoes // GENTL bowtie // Red Sox Appeal socks // // Cartier monogrammed cufflinks  // E. Marinella suspenders // // Banana Republic iPad case
    Pre-order this hand-made shirt HERE -> http://jo.my/wowcracy_slowtailoring
    La camicia fatta a mano può essere preordinata QUI -> http://jo.my/wowcracy_slowtailoring

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    Bespoke Experience at CHIAIA-Napoli - Part 1
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