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    Wearing white shoes has always looked quite tricky to me. Then I decided to match my Car Shoe moccasins in white pebbled leather with grey trousers from Jey Coleman and a bespoke linen shirt from "L'arte della Camicia". As simple as that. 
    Mettere scarpe bianche è sempre stata una questione abbastanza delicata per me. Complice la temperatura estiva, ho deciso di abbinare questi mocassini Car Shoe in pelle martellata bianca con un pantalone grigio di Jey Coleman e una camicia in lino su misura de "L'arte della Camicia".  
    Thanks for visiting,Bespoke Hugs


    Bespoke Shirt by L'arte della Camicia // Jey Coleman trousers // // Car Shoe white Mocs

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