Sunday, June 24, 2012

Guess the colour of the trousers

Hint: it will be as "bold" as the one in the last outfit (pictured here

Suggerimento: sarà "audace" come quello dell'ultimo outfit (pictured here)

Bespoke Hugs!

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  1. tell me that they're red! :) btw, great blog!

  2. I love to make a guess whether what is the colour of the trousers. I think that the color of the trouser he is wearing is yellow. I know that he would love best wearing a yellow trousers.

  3. army dark green? I guessed this mostly because of the jacket which is either jeans, or hard leather like grey, dark beige. haha probably said alot of nonsense, but great website!

  4. ahah no man, you can find the right colour here. btw glad you like the website; much appreciated :D

    p.s. poi mi spieghi perché abbiamo parlato in inglese ahahaha