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  • A conversation with... meA brief video from my conference at VBC Showroom in Milan
    7 June 2015

    A conversation with... me

    A brief video from my conference at VBC Showroom in Milan

    On May the 13th I had the honour of being interviewed by Mr Carlo Annese, Deputy Editor of GQ Italia, in the showroom of Vitale Barberis Canonico at A. Caraceni tailoring house. The conference lasted nearly 1 hour and Keep reading

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    VBC ShowroomThe first showroom in Milan of Vitale Barberis Canonico woollen mill
    27 May 2015

    VBC Showroom

    The first showroom in Milan of Vitale Barberis Canonico woollen mill

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    Mille Miglia ExperienceRacing in Style
    18 May 2015

    Mille Miglia Experience

    Racing in Style

    After some months of absence, The Bespoke Dudes is back on track with a completely renovated layout and many new projects in the pipeline. Below are shown some shots taken in Brescia during the first day of Mille Migli Keep reading

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    Double LifePractical, elegant and versatile
    30 March 2015

    Double Life

    Practical, elegant and versatile

    Practical, elegant and versatile, this is how I would define the down jacket by Fay, with a blazer cut. This jacket combines past and present with a classic cut,  yet easy to wear thanks to a tech Keep reading

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    Coppola Dude
    23 March 2015

    Coppola Dude

    Details of the jacket: Holland & Sherry fabric, three roll two buttoning, two patch pockets, boat-shaped breast pocket, soft shoulder and rollino sleevehead Pleat sung Keep reading

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    Tweed & Casentino
    8 March 2015

    Tweed & Casentino

    Details of the look:  The Bespoke Dudes Eyewear Sunglasses // Edesim Napoli Casentino Coat // N.H Sartoria Jacket // Besani Shirt // Chiaia Napoli Tie // Salvatore Keep reading

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    Collezione Mosaico
    21 February 2015

    Collezione Mosaico

    “My goal is to offer an original product of utmost quality” says Leonardo Camerini, founder of the new-born Collezione Mosaico, an exclusive line of crocodile leather accessories, comp Keep reading

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    Faces from Pitti 87 - Part 1A photo reportage
    19 February 2015

    Faces from Pitti 87 - Part 1

    A photo reportage

    A photo reportage of Pitti 87.   Keep reading

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    Angelico Flannel Suit
    13 February 2015

    Angelico Flannel Suit

    Details of the MtM jacket: flannel fabric, three roll two, two patch pockets, 12 cm lapels, camicia sleeve.Details of the MtM trousers: high waist, single reverse pleat, jetted pockets, 5 cm cuffs  Keep reading

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    Cashmere three-piece Suit
    8 February 2015

    Cashmere three-piece Suit

    Details of the jacket: Bespoke suit by Edesim Napoli from Vitale Barberis Canonico light cashmere fabric, 11,5 cm lapel, no shoulder padding, rollino armhole, jetted pockets and ticket pocket, deep side vents; 6x3 Keep reading

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